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Napa Valley Fire Information

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The Napa Fire has been a terrible tragedy and our thoughts are with all of those affected. During the week of 10-8-2017 through 10-14-2017 we were prepared to evacuate due to our close proximity to the Partrick Fire. During that week we did not have our office set up and were unable to field many calls or attend scheduled appointments. At this point we are working in a triage mode, taking care of customers who need urgent attention. We have communicated with the city water department to address late tests and they are working with us as we try to get back on track.

Napa Valley Backflow Testing & Repair provides testing, repair and installation services for all types of backflow preventers in Napa, St. Helena and American Canyon. We pride ourselves on our excellent service, knowledgable technicians, low pricing and prompt service. We are A+ certified with the Better Business Bureau and are proud to serve the beautiful Napa Valley.

Napa Valley Backflow, LLC BBB Business Review

AWWA License: #14456

AWWA License: #16720

Napa Valley Backflow Testing & Repair Provides:

  • Friendly office support
  • Easy test request system
  • Fast, efficient testing to minimize downtime
  • Friendly, knowledgeable technicians
  • Fast response to breaks and leaks
  • We file all the paperwork
  • We work closely with the city water departments
  • We offer yearly testing cycles
  • We minimize all actions needed by customer

Quick Backflow FAQ's

What exactly is backflow anyway?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of water in a customers water system back into the city water supply. Once the water passes through your meter, the city doesn't want it back.

What's a backflow preventer?

A backflow preventer is a mechanical device, containing check valves that close when the pressure in the city water supply drops, thus preventing the reversal of water.

Why do I need an annual backflow test?

The state of California, per Title 17, requires an annual test of all backflow preventers by an A.W.W.A certified backflow tester. Any structure built after 1987 must have a backflow preventer.

Our Backflow Services

testing a backflow preventer in napa ca

Backflow Testing

We test all sizes, types and locations of backflow preventers. From 1/2" devices up to 10" monsters, we get them all certified in Napa, Saint Helena and American Canyon.

A backflow repair in south Napa, Ca

Backflow Repairs

We provide repairs on all types of backflow preventers at very affordable rates. Compare our estimates with other companies and see.

A backflow installation in Saint Helena, ca

Backflow Installs

If you need a residential or commercial backflow preventer replaced call us today to get a quote. We urge you to compare our pricing to others.